Putlocker: the best alternative to Megavideo

The closure of Megaupload, which occurred about six months ago, seemed destined to put the file sharing and streaming on his knees; Instead, it took a few weeks to return the situation as before the forced closure by the FBI. As alternatives to Megaupload there are lots (some even better) but there are few alternatives to Megavideo. Lately it is spreading (I can not explain on what grounds) Nowvideo but it is very slow, wasting so many ball resources (CPU without having to open other programs) and after a few minutes of playing the audio plays lags behind the video. A very good service, however, is Putlocker .

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10 tips to protect your pet

The pets can be our best friends, because we provide company , awaken our best instincts and are part of our family. There are many types of pets you can adopt, from the most common (dogs and cats) to the most exotic, such as snakes or tarantulas.

Since each species is different and requires different attention, in Salud180 we give you 10 tips to protect the health of your pet, such as dogs:

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