Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside?

The pet owners who are specialized in the guinea pigs, they recommend the best suggestions to take care of such pets. You can pay attention to whether guinea pigs live outside or not. It is the suitable time to invest in the best guinea pig cage designed and produced by the reliable company. You can make contact with experts in this sector and take note of the complete guidelines to be successful in your approach to order the appropriate guinea pig cage on online.

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In general, guinea pigs live outside at all times. However, these animals require to be protected from the rain, wind, cold and extreme temperatures. This is because these animals are very sensitive to such temperatures. You must ensure that your guinea pigs are sheltered from direct sunlight during the summer and protected from rain, wind and cold during the winter. Guinea pigs like the temperature range between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius. The low temperature make piggy to get chilled and high temperature make it suffer from heatstroke.

Various sizes of cages

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Different designs of guinea pig cages are available on the market at this time. You can focus on the best guinea pig cage in terms of its image and the complete specification. You will get enough assistance and decide on how to successfully order the guinea pig cage on online as per your requirements. The size of the cage must be big enough as this pet stands up on its back legs and plays and runs around the place where it resides.

The cage must be safe for guinea pig in all the possible ways. The guinea pig has to hide when it feels stressed out or nervous. The well-ventilated cage is recommended for enhancing the indoor life of the guinea pig at all times. You have to make certain that inside of the cage is dry and remove the excess fluid when the guinea pig accidentally trips over the water. This is because the damp and dirty place leads to bacteria related problems. Once you have chosen and bought the best guinea pig cage at the competitive price, you have to place it not nearby any heat resource and windows.  You have to also remember that you put the cage away from the direct sunlight and windy places.

Safe and quiet nature of the guinea pig cages these days give different benefits to all pet owners throughout the world. You can focus on everything related to the latest updates of the guinea pig cages from top brands on the market at this time. You will get the absolute assistance and fulfil your wishes to compare and narrow down a huge collection of cages particularly designed and produced for guinea pigs. There are loads of important things to keep in mind when you like to choose and purchase the high-quality yet reasonable price of the guinea pig cage on online. However, the main things are the size, material, design and bedding.

Make an informed decision

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The cage for the guinea pig must be durable to prevent this pet from escaping. The bar in the cage must be 1” so as to avoid possibilities of the small feet of the pet to get hurt. The opening part in the cage must be easy for access and cleaning purpose. Consider the overall dimensions of the cage based on the number of pets to accompany in it. You must fill base with some smooth beddings like the recycled paper as the sensitive skin of the guinea pigs.

One guinea pig needs a minimum 7.5 sqft cage. You must buy a cage with another 3sqft to add other pet in the cage. Living world deluxe habitat is the first-class guinea pig cage. This cage has all essential elements required for the pet in the cage. The main attractions of this cage are size availability options, easy access for the pet and portability as expected by the pet owner. There are three sizes of this cage namely standard, large and extra-large. The crib in this cage is made of heavy-duty materials designed foldable for supporting pet owners to store it during the travel as convenient as possible.

ToysOpoly premium pet Playpen is an outstanding guinea pig cage. The pet animal in this cage feels secured regardless of the indoor and outdoor. Pet owners who have bought this product can conveniently assemble and collapse it as per their requirements. This cage is made of scratch-fighting, chew-resistant and waterproof materials. Users must remove the zipped bottom and top part when they store the cage on the carrying bag.