How often to clean hamster cage

Always you should clean your hamster cage in every week and also clean up the food waste daily. Where in this involves removing of wet and solid litter from the cage as well as uneaten food and by replacing the solid litter with fresh litter. Cleaning hamster cage is little tough task, but you have to go through the regular cleaning process because uncleaned hamster cage can cause stress or illness to your hamster.

Daily cleaning hamster cage

Things which has to be followed on daily basis,

  • Inspect the cage daily.
  • Remove all the debris which is visible such as chewed toys and leftover food chunks inside the hamster cage.
  • Get dirty bedding and wet dirt out and replace it with fresh and dry bedding. If your hamster uses the small litter box, then clean it daily.

Therefore, by cleaning like this on daily basis it will keep your hamster cage as odor free as much as possible and it will take only couple of minutes to this.

Weekly cleaning of hamster cage

Once in a week completely clean your hamster cage with step by step process.

  • Remove the hamster from the cage first. And replace your hamster friend in the exercise ball for some fun or even put in an alternative cage in a bin.
  • Then remove everything from the cage where like old bedding, toys, exercise stations, food bowl and the water bottle. Throw old bedding away with tied bag to avoid odor and dump out the leftover food waste and water.
  • After this wash each and every item from the cage to get rid of the potential bacteria. All must be washed thoroughly and dried completely before placing back into the cage.
  • Clean the cage completely because of bedding and little were placed in that the hamster cage has to be cleaned completely like bas and floors of the cage. Where you can soak into the warm soapy water and wipe it down after this place in the sun to dry out the water.
  • Once all things are done then put back everything inside the cage. Always remember bedding should be fresh as well as litter and any food or water.

What Soaps should be used to clean

What Soaps should be used to clean

You will be thinking which soap to use for cleaning and which is safer like Disinfectant or antibacterial soap.  In disinfectants soap it is used for common cleaning solutions like bleach diluted with water. By using this it won’t rinse off thoroughly from the cage it leaves some traces in it which can be detrimental to the health of your hamster. Disinfecting is advised to use, if your hamster comes down with an illness or passes away only.

Antibacterial dish soaps are recommended to use regular hamster cage cleaning as it only fights against bacteria which is easy to rinse off and it won’t harm your hamster.

White vinegar with water is another solution which can be used to clean your hamster cage. Also you can put mixtures in a spray bottle and spray all parts of the cage which proves that it is effective on the cage cleaning. Once you have completed, let it dry completely since it has the strong scent in it.

5 tips to know about your hamster cage

  • First if you using aquarium as hamsters living place always make sure it is cleaned often because hamster releases ammonia it will be inside since your aquarium is covered so it should be cleaned regularly.
  • If you using wire cages it will be fine for your hamsters. Also you should know to put the hamster bedding sometimes it will tear the bedding in the wire cages. The best part of the wire cage is it can be cleaned easily and need not to be worried about the air trapping inside the cage.
  • Good place of living or good hamster cage will make your hamster to live long where it also needs place to sleep, potty, eat to run around like every other pets. So cage is important to it.
  • Make sure your cage is in proper place. Don’t place it near stove or in a kitchen or also don’t expose them in sunlight because the heat kills them faster.
  • Finally make sure you clean your hamster cage on regular basis to avoid hamster living in the dirty environment and it will make them to fall ill.